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Sumarian Inventions – Bull Lyre

Last Updated Friday, November 15, 2013 The Ancient Sumarians of Iraq invented the Bull Lyre around 3200 BCE. Its design was developed from the harp by replacing the single bow shape with two upright arms joined by a crossbar, and the strings, instead of joining the sound box directly, were made to run over a […]

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Chinese Inventions – Zhou Inventions & Innovations

Wall of China Zhou Dynasty

Last Updated Friday, June 13, 2014The Zhou Dynasty of Ancient China lasted from 1122 BC to 256 BC, followed the Shang (Yin) Dynasty, and preceded the Qin Dynasty.  The Dynasty itself was the longest running in Chinese history – though the Zhou control of China lasted for a much shorter period than the dynasty itself.  […]

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Egypt Inventions – Interesting Inventions of Ancient Egypt

Last Updated Thursday, January 20, 2011When most people think of Ancient Egypt, the first things that come to mind are pyramids, pharohs, mummies, and curses. Given that the Egyptians gave to us the wonderous pyramids, it should come as no surprise that they also had a number of inventions that were no small feats.  The […]

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Ancient Rome Inventors – Spurius Carvilius Ruga

Last Updated Thursday, January 20, 2011Spurius Carvilius Ruga was an ancient Roman Freedman who lived around either 600 BCE or 230 BCE.  It is rather unclear on the specifics.  He is best known for inventing the letter “G“, which was introduced into the Roman alphabet rather quickly because until that point “C” had been used […]

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Assyrian Inventions

Last Updated Thursday, January 20, 2011Assyria usually refers to a region near the upper part of the Tigris river. It would eventually refer to the Empire of Assyria, which at its peak contained the northern half of Mesopotamia. The notable inventions of the Assyrians included excavations, which were used to undermine city walls (seige), battering […]

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