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Inventions of Ancient Greece – The Catapult

Last Updated Friday, October 4, 2013The Greek catapult was developed by Dionysius the Elder of Syracuse around 350 BC.  Dionysius actually called the machine Katapaltai, and they are mentioned in the Siegecraft (Poliorkētika) treatise of Aeneas Tacticus.  Originally, because of their large bulk and problems with portability, they were used mainly in seige warfare.  Alexander […]

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6 Inventions That Changed The World – And What You Can Learn From Them

Thomas Edison 1877

Last Updated Tuesday, November 4, 2014Throughout history, people have made inventions that changed the world. Some got lucky and stumbled on something, some actually set out to make something, and still others improved upon existing technology to create something revolutionary. We’re going to show what we consider the top 6 world changing inventions, from how […]

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Ancient India Inventions

Last Updated Thursday, June 6, 2013Ancient India is not typically a civilization that receives a lot of publicity about inventions. However, as with any civilization that last for an extended period of time and flourishes, it has made some notable innovations. Billions of Years (Infinity) Along with the ancient Mayans, the ancient Indians are thought […]

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What Did Albert Einstein Invent?

Albert Einstein The Inventor

Last Updated Thursday, April 16, 2015 Albert Einstein is one of the most well known American inventors/physicists of all time – but his famous equation – e = mc^2 is just one of his many inventions and discoveries. While not an invention in the literal sense – it was not a creation per se – […]

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Chinese Inventions – Zhou Inventions & Innovations

Wall of China Zhou Dynasty

Last Updated Friday, June 13, 2014The Zhou Dynasty of Ancient China lasted from 1122 BC to 256 BC, followed the Shang (Yin) Dynasty, and preceded the Qin Dynasty.  The Dynasty itself was the longest running in Chinese history – though the Zhou control of China lasted for a much shorter period than the dynasty itself.  […]

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Egypt Inventions – Interesting Inventions of Ancient Egypt

Last Updated Thursday, January 20, 2011When most people think of Ancient Egypt, the first things that come to mind are pyramids, pharohs, mummies, and curses. Given that the Egyptians gave to us the wonderous pyramids, it should come as no surprise that they also had a number of inventions that were no small feats.  The […]

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Mayan Inventions

Last Updated Thursday, June 20, 2013The Mayans were one of the major civilizations (along with the Aztecs) originating in Central America around 1500 BC. They were an isolated civilization in that they had no contact with the other early people in China or the Middle East. Mayan inventions include a calander and a complex heiroglyphics […]

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Ben Franklins Inventions – Bifocals

Ben Franklin Bifocal Glasses Invention

Last Updated Friday, September 12, 2014As most people know, Benjamin Franklin had numerous inventions that ranged from small convienences to incredible things that changed how people lived. The bifocals didn’t necassarily change how people lived, but they were more than a small improvement for anyone who had multiple sets of glasses to wear. He is […]

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Assyrian Inventions

Last Updated Thursday, January 20, 2011Assyria usually refers to a region near the upper part of the Tigris river. It would eventually refer to the Empire of Assyria, which at its peak contained the northern half of Mesopotamia. The notable inventions of the Assyrians included excavations, which were used to undermine city walls (seige), battering […]

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