Amazon Kindle WiFi 3G Review

Kindle WiFi + 3G

Kindle WiFi + 3G small and light enough to be handheld for a good read.

Amazon Kindle WiFi eBook Reader is now available. The amazing Kindle wireless reader is now thinner, lighter, faster and better than ever before.

That’s why customers who have already bought it are writing raving reviews on the latest versions has been called Kindle 3. Basically you can now get three models which are the Kindle Wifi, Kindle WiFi + 3G, and the larger Kindle DX with a 9″ reading area. However as the DX is much larger we concentrate this review on the WiFi and WiFi + 3G models only.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6 Price: $139.00. Used from $35.99!
Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6 Price: $189.00. Used from $45.99!
For both models: 4.4 stars / 40,000+ customer reviews

Slimmer and trimmer

Kindle is trimmer than ever at just 1/3 inch thin. It’s 21% smaller than the previous model while keeping the same 6″ reading area. Yet it can hold up to 3,500 books and documents. More than twice as much storage in comparison to the previous version.

Battery life is very long too. You can read up to month without recharging the battery with the wireless switched off. Or up to 3 weeks with the WiFi turned on.

Kindle Pencil Thin

The new Kindle is pencil thin and light making it easy to hold

The sleek design only weigh 8.5 ounces which is now 17% lighter. It weighs less than a paperback. Making it easy to read for hours even with just one hand. The Kindle is so much lighter than carrying any of your library books too.

Kindle now has built in wifi for use at home or on the road. So you can download books and documents anywhere you can get wireless network access.

The new elctronic ink display features 50% greater contrast than before for the clearest text and sharpest images. This is achieved with the latest E Ink Pearl Technology. The screen looks like actual paper so its easy to read even in bright sunlight without any glare. Plus new and improved fonts are crisper and darker regardless of font size. With 20% faster page turns leads to more realistic book reading.

The Kindle store offers more than 800,000 of the world’s most popular books. Including New York Times bestsellers from just $9.99. Think of a book and just start reading in 60 seconds. Access thousands of classic books, like Pride and Prejudice, for free. That’s right, you can also download free public domain books as well as any free books available to your Kindle reader.

Read leading magazines and international newspapers on your Kindle before they hit the news stands. Access more than 9,000 blogs. Read PDF’s and personal documents and take your entire library with you where ever you go.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a summary of what owner’s of the Kindle had to say about it:
(Read full details of all customer reviews of the Kindle Wi-Fi + 3G)

Good Points:

  • “The Kindle is very zippy compared to the Nook. Page refresh speed… was WAY quicker on Kindle 2… quicker yet on Kindle 3.”
  • “The cursor moves very quickly.”
  • “Kindle 3 display definitely has more contrast than Kindle 2 or Nook… more screen contrast means less eyestrain.”
  • “We typically get 3 weeks of battery life between charges… We keep wireless off about half the time to save battery power.”
  • “You can “lend” an ebook you purchased to someone else with the same device for up to two weeks.”
  • “It’s smaller and lighter so it is more portable and more comfortable to hold in one hand for long reading sessions.”
  • “The Kindle is incredibly light and thin. I can hold it in one hand easily.”
  • “The page turn buttons are conveniently located.”
  • “The contrast is better than other ereaders I’ve seen. There is zero eye strain in good light.”
  • “The biggest drawback to the browser is the awkward pointer navigation.”
  • “Part of me wishes I’d bought the 3G model, because the browser is good enough that having lifetime free 3G wireless would be worth the extra money.”
  • “Kindle is worlds better (than iPad ed.) for reading novels”
  • “Not the perfect ‘do-it-all’ device, but very close to being the perfect e-reading device!”
  • “This new generation of Kindle is perfect for reading outside and for long periods of time.”
  • “The Kindle works great for reading novels, where the iPad falls short.”
  • “Now looking at the size of the new Kindle, I’m blown away. It’s the absolute perfect size.”
  • “The pages do flip quicker… the addition of wifi has allowed faster connection for wireless activities (much better than only relying on 3G).”
  • “It looks fantastic compared to every other e-reader I have seen. I have no trouble seeing the screen in dim light or in bright sunlight.”
  • “Kindle 3… offers double the storage compared to Kindle 2.”
  • “You get the wonderful Amazon buying experience and selection for all your literature and can keep your kindle library intact between whatever other device you want to download a Kindle application onto.”
  • “A hesitant buyer rejoices on his choice… Boy am I glad I made this purchase.”
  • “The e-ink on this unit is THAT good. I didn’t realize that I was staring at the actual display… I thought there was a stuck-on overlay on the screen.”
  • “Now, I can decide the size of type I need depending on my level of fatigue among other things.”
  • “For someone, like me, with neuropathy in his hands, it is extremely easy to manage and enjoyable to own.”
  • “It easily connected to our home Wi-Fi.”
  • “Uploading PDFs to the Kindle is very easy… Viewing them is pretty decent.”
  • “The size is absolutely perfect. In the Amazon cover, it is exactly like reading from a paperback book.”
  • “The browser is MUCH faster, and it made buying a book a breeze.”
  • “And the FONTS! My word what a difference! I can practically read in the dark!”
  • “K3 Even Better than its Predecessor.”
  • “Each K3 has its own email address and you can send documents to it, including Word and pdf docs, and photos. Of course, the photos are B&W, but very detailed and clear.”
  • “Its smaller size makes it much more convenient to tote around.”
  • “The K3 is light as a feather. For reading, a cheaper and significantly lighter K3 as a dedicated e-reader is, IMHO, the way to go (compared to an iPad).”
  • “This is SO MUCH darker. I’m actually shocked at the difference, it’s really very significant… I’d seen photos online, but you simply cannot understand until you see it.”
  • “There is a HUGE sea of titles to be gotten free (limited offers on Amazon for new titles and then out-of-copyright ones).”

Bad Points:

  • “Most but not all purchased ebooks are lendable, due to publisher restrictions.”
  • “IPad is a lot better for magazines, reference materials, and illustrated materials.”
  • “Buttons are too close together and are laid out oddly.”
  • “Lack of individual number buttons is frustrating. “
  • “Lack of a color or touch screen.”
  • “Text-to-speech is not available for every book.”

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Thinner, lighter, easier to read, Amazon Kindle, the amazing, and improved, best buy wireless reading device.

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 Posted on : February 7, 2011 - Last updated on May 24, 2013
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