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Mayan Temple

Amazing architecture of a Mayan Temple

The Mayans were one of the major civilizations (along with the Aztecs) originating in Central America around 1500 BC. They were an isolated civilization in that they had no contact with the other early people in China or the Middle East.

Mayan inventions include a calander and a complex heiroglyphics system. While it cannot be said that they were the sole inventors of such advancements, they did invent them independently in the Western Hemisphere, and their calendar and wrintings differed from that of the Egyptions and Chinese.

Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar was developed a long time ago. The Mayans developed a sophistocated calendar that could track the exact day of the week of any date thousands years into the future.

Mayan Art

While not strictly an invention per se, Mayan art is widely considered to be some of the most beautiful created in the ancient world. The jade pictured can be seen to be inscribed with very specific details.


Also interesting is that the Mayans independently developed a concept of zero in their numbering system by 36BC. While not generally considered a civilization known for their mathematics, they did nonetheless have an advanced grasp of it. Many of their dates and measurements are surprisingly specific.


Astronomy is another field that the Mayans. Again, the Mayans are not as well known as other ancient civilizations for their astronomy, but data suggests they were surprisingly advanced in their findings. They are thought to be the only pre-telescopic society that realized the Orion Nebula is fuzzy. While this is not known for certain, the information comes from a folk tale that references the Orion constellations part of the sky.

Building Roads

The ancient Mayans were the best road builders in Central America. Some of their roads still exist to this day.

Chocolate Drinks

Mayan Cocoa Beans

Mayan cocoa beans for making a delicious chocolate drink. Hmmm.

The Maya invented chocolate drinks from crushed cacao beans which were so valuable they were used as money.

It was the ancient Mayans (250-900 C.E.) who were the first to discover how delicious cacao beans were when fermented, roasted, ground into a paste, then mixed with other ingredients. The Mayans also used chili peppers and cornmeal to create a spicy chocolate drink. That sounds very delicious doesn’t it? Sugar was unknown in ancient times. Thank God because neither was modern dental care or other sugar related diseases like diabetes or ADHD.

Chocolate just has that ever eternal appeal to humans from Mayans to most Western Cultures today.

The Mayan’s were a surprisingly advanced race, and usually are not mentioned with the likes of the Chinese and Ancient Greeks for inventiveness. But they actually had much in common with their European and Chinese counterparts.

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