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Mathematics and the fundamentals of the Cosmos

If you can, think for a moment about what we consider the dimension we live in – 3 dimensional space that is. You probably pictured one of those 3D cubes that you used to draw as a kid. Now, try to expand that and picture a 57 dimension object. Can’t do it? Me either. That’s what makes the latest mathematical discovery so mind blowing. It is a rough equivilent to scaling Mount Everest. If the solution to this was written out, it would cover an area the size of Manhattan. And you thought algebra was rough.

The object, called E8, was originally discovered in the 19th century. It has required the combined effort of 18 mathematicians from America and Europe over 4 years to unravel. It’s effects could be so far-reaching, that scientists cannot even comprehend what they could be. It may be years before we can truly understand what, if any, effect this object could have on our understanding of the universe.

To further understand why this group of symmetries is so revolutionary, you have to look at nature. Interestingly, at the heart of E8, are different bits of physics. Of all the symmetries that mathematicians have discovered, it is still unclear why Nature chose this exceedingly complicated object to the basis.

For more on this, check out this article.

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 Posted on : July 16, 2009 - Last updated on Jan 14, 2011

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