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ASI has announced that it will begin offering Seagate’s encrypted hard disks on some of it’s laptop PCs later this month. This comes amidst growing concerns about PC security from the corporate sector – several high profile incidents have led to businesses seeking a more secure solution to portable computing.

Last year, a number of high-profile cases brought the issue of data encryption in the limelight. Laptop thefts resulted in the release of personal information from more than 540,000 N.Y. state workers, 13,000 Washington, D.C., ING retirement plan participants, 196,000 Hewlett-Packard employees in a Fidelity benefit and defined contribution plan, and 17,000 patients of Mount St. Mary’s Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y. Perhaps the most notorious was the lost of a U.S. Veterans Administration USB hard drive and a laptop with more than 26 million records.

Thus far, only ASI has announced use of Seagate’s encrypted hard disks. The hard drives are expected to cost 30-40% more than the non-encrypted ones.

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 Posted on : September 20, 2008 - Last updated on Jan 14, 2011

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