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Better late then never, eh Sony?  A short 18 months, which is an eternity in the world of technology, after Apple launched its video iPod, Sony is finally releasing it’s own version of a video walkman.

Called the NW-A800 series, it will go on sale in Europe in April of this year.  There are plans to release the walkman in other markets as well, but the exact dates have not been announced.

There are currently 3 release models planned – NW-A805, A806 and A808 – which differ in the amount of flash storage: 2 gig, 4 gig, and 8 gig respectively.  The screen will be a 2 inch LCD with a resolution of  240×320.  Videos can be viewed both horizontally and vertically on the screen.

The battery life, a long time sore spot for iPod owners, will be around 30 hours for music files.  It drops significantly for video files however, showing between a 6 and 7 hour life, depending on the decoding on the video.  Its measurements are 44mm wide by 88mm high and is 9mm thick. It weighs 53 grams.

The current planned retail price for the Europe release will be around $240 US.

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 Posted on : April 24, 2008 - Last updated on Jan 14, 2011

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