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Albert Einstein's Bear Riddle solution is...

Albert Einstein’s Bear Riddle solution is…

It is alleged that Albert Einstein taught this riddle to his students about the bear.

If you haven’t seen it yet please read Albert Einstein’s Riddle – The Bear first.

So here is the solution to another Einstein Riddle.

The Solution:

This incident happened at the North Pole.

When the man shot his gun, he had to be right on the North Pole. Does that make sense?

The man ran due North to the North Pole. Once he was on the North Pole, then any direction he pointed his gun would be South. Not North or East or West. Just South.

Therefore we can assume that the only bears that live at the North Pole are polar bears. Hence the color the bear could only be WHITE.

Well that was a riddle that woudl be clever enough to be created by Albert Einstein himself.

How did you go with this riddle?

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 Posted on : April 18, 2013 - Last updated on Mar 7, 2014

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  2. That was my answer. first i thought of the world being round and if the man and the bear ran at the same pace then they would meet again at the other side of the world assuming there were no obstacles in their way. It would make sense that the man faced his gun south to kill the bear but still didn’t tell me anything about the colour of the bear so the first thing that came to mind was polar bear and north pole.

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