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Albert Einstein Bear Riddle

Einstein Bear says “Have you solved my riddle this time?
Think, think, think!”

Albert Einstein is alleged to have created this riddle for his astute physicist scholars. I can only find one source that claims Einstein made this puzzle.

So for what it’s worth, see if you can solve this riddle.

“Einstein’s” Bear Riddle:

A man was wandering in a wasteland when he came across a bear. No-one else was there. The man and bear were both frightened and ran away.

The man to the north, bear to the west. Suddenly the man suddenly stopped, aimed his gun to the south and shot the bear.

What color was the bear?
Do you need some help? Maybe this clue can help you.

If the bear ran about 3.14 times faster than the man (still westwards), the man could have fired his gun straight in front of him, however for the booty he would have to go to the south.

The solution can be found at Albert Einstein’s Riddle – The Bear Solution.

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 Posted on : April 17, 2013 - Last updated on Mar 7, 2014

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  2. The bear was white. This is a silly joke question used to trick kids in school. Everyone knows the man was at the north pole.

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