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Albert Einstein has a riddle to share

Albert Einstein has a riddle to share

According to Einstein, roughly 98% of the world’s population cannot solve this riddle. It is one that uses pure logic – no fancy math is required.

1. In a street there are five houses, painted five different colours.
2. In each house lives a person of different nationality
3. These five homeowners each drink a different kind of beverage, smoke different brand of cigar and keep a different pet.

The Question: Who owns the fish?

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 Posted on : October 19, 2009 - Last updated on May 12, 2015
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24 Responses to “Albert Einstein’s Riddle – With Solution Explained”
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  1. The German owns the fish idiot people it took me 3 min so get burned suckers

  2. The garman owns the fish

    1. Where did Garman come from? haha

  3. You’re all wrong. I own the fish.

  4. I got the Norwegian who owned the fish but depending on how you start the houses since traditional Japanese starts from right to left.

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  6. After taking 15 minutes to solve this problem I thought “no way only 2% of people can solve this problem.” Then I read these comments and realized people are extremely unintelligent. Use deductive reasoning and a grid to place strictly facts into each spot until only the fish is left. Pay close attention! I would put the answer but I feel some tool will use it to argue with peers on how they are far superior because they solved this problem, GP is so pathetic I fear for our future.

    1. No need to be a condescending fuck. Yes, deductive reasoning and logical thinking is a great skill to have and I enjoy exercising it incredibly. But it is not the only type of intelligence. The only thing I fear more than unintelligence is arrogant ignorance like yours: one that does not realize that not everyone is gifted in the same way but we NEED people who have different intelligences. I’m so tired of running into self-satisfied assholes like you in academia. Some of us have the training and natural inclination for deductive reasoning. Others don’t. But then we don’t have their skills. So get over yourself.

    2. I did it in less than 10mins which makes me think you are less intelligent. You dont need to brag yea?

    3. John Malkovitch says :

      “I would put the answer but I feel some tool will use it to argue with peers on how they are far superior because they solved this problem.”

      You mean they’ll shamelessly self-promote like you just did? Tool. Get over yourself.

  7. amin fadous says :

    Il y a 5 maisons de différentes couleurs.
    Dans chacune des maisons vit une personne de différente nationalité.
    Les 5 propriétaires boivent une boisson déterminée, fument une marque de tabac déterminée et ont un animal de compagnie.
    Aucunes des 5 personnes n’a le même animal de compagnie, ne fume la même marque de tabac ni ne boit la même boisson.
    La question est : Qui a le poisson ?
    Les clés :
    1- Le britannique vit dans la maison rouge.
    2- Le suisse a un chien.
    3- Le danois boit du thé.
    4- La maison verte est située a gauche de la blanche.
    5- Le propriétaire de la maison verte boit du café.
    6- La personne qui fume des Pall Mall a un oiseau.
    7- Le propriétaire de la maison jaune fume des Dunhill.
    8- Celui qui vit dans la maison du centre boit du lait.
    9- Le norvégien vit dans la première maison.
    10- La personne qui fume des Blends vit a coté de celle qui a un chat.
    11- La personne qui a un cheval vit a coté de celle qui fume des Dunhill.
    12- Celui qui fume des Bluemaster boit de la bière.
    13- L’allemand fume des Prince.
    14- Le norvégien vit a coté de la maison bleue.
    15- Celui qui fume des Blends a un voisin qui boit de l’eau.
    Einstein écrivit cette devinette le siècle passé et dit que 98 % de la population mondiale ne pourrait pas le résoudre.

    1. Amin, thanks for your French translation of Einstein’s Riddle. It’s great exercise by Albert we need for our minds on a regular basis. Just like you need to exeercise your body’s muscles, heart and lungs.

  8. Harmony Rain says :

    Ok so it took me a while but what I came up with was
    Norwegian- 1st house/ green/ coffee/ birds/ Paul mall
    German- 2nd house/ blue/ water/ cats/ prince
    Swede- 3rd house/ white/ milk/ dogs/ blend
    Brit- 4th house/ red/ beer/ horses/ blue masters
    Dane- 5th house/ yellow/ tea/ FISH/ dun hill

    1. No way. Yellow-Norwegian, drinks water, smokes dunhill and rears cats./ Blue- Dane, drinks tea and rears horses./ Red- Brit, drinks milk, smokes Pallmall and rears birds. /Green-German, drinks coffee, smokes prince and we are not told of the pet(…..?), /White-Swede, drinks beer smokes blue-master and rears dogs. And since they all rear different animals, the German must own the fish. Answer GERMAN. Its not a simple riddle though.

  9. Pedro Sanchez says :

    The riddle is clear if you read it right. (Sorry for my english, i’m mexican) The word “own” does not means the same that “keep”. There is one thing called language, and concepts, and meanings. Following that logic, and the riddle’s redaction, there´s no way in earth, that one of the neighbours could ever “own” a fish, or a cat, or a horse, or a monkey or any animal, but they can “keep” them. That’s my opinion, and i’m sure that in this life and in this earth no one can own, anything. In the riddle, the neighbours own ther houses, and drink a beverage, and keep pets. The question either is misspelled or bad translate or something, but in my country, the words “own: posesión, poseer” and “keep: mantener” aren’t sinonims.

  10. Duh, I spent 2 days on this riddle and what I conclude is:-
    It is the German who lives in the green house, which is the 4th house. He drinks coffee and smokes Prince.So, he owns the FISH!

  11. albert einstein says :

    Hello, thank you for making a page about me.

  12. 1 2 3 4 5
    country norwegian dane brit german swede
    color yellow blue red green white
    smokes dunhill blends pall mall prince blue mstr
    pet cats horses birds fish dogs
    drinks water tea milk coffee beer

  13. wow babak i love how you condesendingly post your response and your wrong , too cute, anyway it is the german that owns the fish and you are correct the norwegian goes on the right however the dane live to the right of the norwegian in the blue house drinking teasmoking blends and brushing his horses so maybe you should try again buddy

  14. hey buddies….
    put the norweigian on the right side instead of left and solve it again
    its the dane who owns the fish

    sorry 4 my english

  15. Rafael A. Velez says :

    It’s indeed the german who owns the fish. But the german lives in the green house, which is the 4th house. He drinks coffee and smokes Prince.

  16. we the care takers of the world for our children and there children ect. own the fish

  17. simple riddle. the german

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