Ben Franklins Inventions – Bifocals

Ben Franklin Bifocal Glasses Invention

Last Updated Friday, September 12, 2014As most people know, Benjamin Franklin had numerous inventions that ranged from small convienences to incredible things that changed how people lived. The bifocals didn’t necassarily change how people lived, but they were more than a small improvement for anyone who had multiple sets of glasses to wear. He is […]

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Quotes About Inventions – Quotes From Inventors

Albert Einstein Quotes

Last Updated Friday, September 12, 2014 What Can We Learn From Inventors? Inventors seem to have something about them that many others don’t. That little bit of creativity that, if they were never to invent something, would make them seem a little bit… off. But history seems to forgive the idiosyncracies of the geniuses, and […]

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